Auction Media: A Brief Overview

Bid4Spots started in the US in 2004, and launched in the UK in September 2007.

Advertisers upload their details into the Bid4Spots online trading platform, including broadcast areas; target demographics; dayparts; spot frequency requirements; total budget and the maximum price they would like to pay based on a CPT (cost per thousand impacts).

Then all of the stations which fit the client's criteria are invited to the auction to bid against each other for the advertising budget.

The stations which offer the best price for the target demographic each win a portion of the budget and the advertiser secures airtime at a reduced cost. This gives advertisers the opportunity to win airtime on multiple stations easily and efficiently, as well as allowing radio stations to sell their unsold airtime within parameters they are happy with.

To see more clearly how the auction works click here to see our online demo.

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