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"Bid4Spots provides a very cost-effective way for Direct Response advertisers to include radio within media schedules. We have used Bid4Spots for a couple of our charity clients. Through being able to select our dayparts, and setting a maximum CPT we have been able to control the campaigns and keep costs at a level that is necessary to achieve an effective cost per lead. By taking all of the spot times after the campaign and comparing this with responses we are able to see a direct correlation between the radio airtime and donations. Bid4Spots is something we will continue to recommend and utilise within our media schedules."
Ian Prager,Director,Mike Colling & Co
"We look after clients who need staffing solutions. For example our HGV recruitment client wanted drivers in London urgently for the Xmas period. The money they used to spend on a couple of adverts in a national press was given to Chelsea at Bid4Spots to trial their service. She got spots across a couple of high profile London stations and a happy client reported their phones rang off the hook. We have since repeated this campaign - all tremendously successful. The service is superb and the process very easy.From now on Bid4Spots is a definite on our schedules!"
Mel Sims,Managing Director,FrankComms
"We have been very impressed with the service delivered by Bids4spots. They provide a very cost-efficient route for radio advertising and are particularly relevant if testing direct response executions when budgets are contained! We will definitely be using their services again."
Sue Cox,Media Director,Four Communications
"I have been using Bid4Spots to supplement my airtime campaigns for WeBuyAnyCar and Carcraft since November 2009. It has been an effective way to get on multiple stations easily and efficiently, and I plan on continuing to use Bid4Spots as a part of my radio campaigns for the foreseeable future."
Julia Phipps,Group Marketing Director,UK Car Group
"I hadn’t heard of Bid4Spots before and I wasn’t at all sure what I was getting into, but you explained everything very clearly and it’s been a pleasure dealing with you. The fact that we have been able to get our advert on to more than one radio station has just been fantastic. Even though our budget was quite small, I’ve been extremely pleased with the airtime we had. I heard our advert 4 times yesterday on three different stations whilst on a drive through three counties in South West Wales. I was thrilled. I got really excited about it, but unfortunately no one on the motorway could hear me shout “that’s my advert!\" Anyway – I will definitely be back with you either in January or next August. Bid4Spots is a must for a business such as ours, where you want your budget to stretch and reach as wide a range an audience as is possible. Fantastic job. I’m so glad we did this."
Sian Thomas,Business Manager,South West Welsh for Adults Centre
"The traditional way of placing advertising campaigns on the radio was becoming far to cost prohibitive. Working with Bid4Spots has reduced our costs significantly due to the nature of stating your maximum budget, and more often than not, paying a lot less than this. We have been able to attract new volunteers from various demographics with the help from Bid4Spots and their knowledge of the radio industry. Setting up a text response service rather than using a telephone number has increased the response to adverts more than four fold."
Clare Lyon,Head of Volunteer Recruitment,LCG Bioscience
"Radio has proven to be the perfect media to spread the madness of MadBid.com and Bid4Spots has provided the ideal channel to reach our target market with an extremely cost effective CPT."
Heba Zayed,MadBid.com
"Both myself and my client have been very impressed by the service and the value which has been offered from Bid4Spots. The CPTs which we have been able to achieve have been well below those which we would expect from a standard campaign and the structure of the bidding sytem means that we are still able to maintain a large amount of control over spot timings and stations which means that we don't have to worry that the money will be spent on filling overnight spots on small stations.The response which the client has received as a result of just one week's activity on 2 local stations has surpassed that which they have received from regional press and national magazines. As a result radio is likely to play a much larger part in their 2010 schedules both in terms of area and spend."
Mike Wood,Account Manager,TCS Media
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