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Hello everyone, welcome to this month’s Bid4Spots newsletter.

Bid4Spots has been a hive of activity over the past few weeks – the last quarter has gone so quickly. It’s now been 18 months since we launched, so we’ve been out of the office spreading the word on all the new developments. It’s a treat to have a day in the office to catch up on things! If you would like us to pop in to see you just give us a bell.

We’ve included a summary of savings from one of our recent campaigns below. This was a new client to Bid4Spots who ran a regional pre-Christmas campaign. The auction saw them win spots on 15 stations over their two and a half weeks, and saw their CPT (cost per thousand) go down 40% lower than their starting CPT. Most importantly they got a great response from their campaign!

So if you want to find out how Bid4Spots can help slash your advertising budget, you know what to do!

Have a good weekend.

Account Manager Bid4Spots.co.uk

Market Sector Retail
Investment £8995.22
Demographic Adults 25-54
Location South East
Timing 1/12/08 – 17/12/08
Starting Target CPT £2.00
Finishing Target CPT £1.19
Total Spots 1340
Total Impacts 5,473,000

LCG Bioscience

"The traditional way of placing advertising campaigns on the radio was becoming far too cost prohibitive. Working with Bid4Spots has reduced our costs significantly due to the nature of stating your maximum budget, and more often than not, paying a lot less than this. We have been able to attract new volunteers from various demographics with the help from Bid4Spots and their knowledge of the radio industry. Setting up a text response service rather than using a telephone number has increased the response to adverts more than four fold."

Clare Lyon
Head of Volunteer Recruitment
LCG Bioscience


Recent studies on the travel industry have shown that this year people are planning to hold back until the last-minute to make their holiday plans. And with the travel market becoming more last minute than ever before, it makes sense to investigate media that you can buy at the last minute.

Over half of the UK’s population who intend on taking a holiday this year will be finalising the details from April onwards, an independent study commissioned by BLM Horizon has found. 54% of customers will book in April or later, 14% higher than figures surveyed only 6 months ago.

The survey also found that:

- 40% of holidaymakers state they will spend less on their holiday plans.

- 27% will save money by cutting the length of their holiday, 45% by booking cheaper destinations and 43% by choosing all-inclusive deals.

- 19% state they will take less holidays this year (an increase of 11% since September) and 7% will not holiday abroad in 2009.


The survey was based on 1,000 survey respondents (a mix of package and independent holidaymakers) who travelled during 2008.

Additionally, the ABTA estimates approximately 14 million uninsured trips abroad will be made this year to save on holiday costs, this includes holidays abroad, weekend trips abroad and some business trips.

If you’re affiliated with the travel industry and thinking about how to book your media in accord with market forces this year, Bid4Spots and radio as a medium in itself can get your message to market faster than any other above the line medium.

Maple Street Studios

It’s been a busy start to the year at Maple Street Studios. We’ve been working on a wide range of radio campaigns including Landrover and Fitness First… we’ve produced sound design for a COI drug awareness website… and Geoffrey Palmer, Todd Carty and Finchy from The Office have all been into the studio!

For more information on how Maple Street Studios can help with your own creative solution, call 0207 907 0690.

Telephone: +44 (0)207 90-70-6-80
E-Mail: CustomerService@bid4spots.co.uk

Bid4Spots.co.uk is the trading name of Auction Media Limited.

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