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Happy Holidays everyone!

Another year has passed, which means it’s finally time to crack open the mulled wine and rug up at home with the family for a few days. After a hectic November I think everyone deserves it!

Things have been busy over the past couple of months, with a lot of new clients trying out radio for the first time. We have a really interesting case study below from a direct response client who usually uses press, but found that radio through Bid4Spots well outperformed this and their magazine advertising. It shows that Bid4Spots can be a really un-intimidating way to try out radio, without risking a huge budget.

With New Year sales coming up we’ve also included an auction summary from a recent London retail campaign. This shows that when you keep your auction open, with lots of stations, you can get some really great results. If you’re looking at any type of New Year campaign then this would be worth taking a look at.

Because most people will be off enjoying the festivities we’ve had to change some of our auction deadlines, so if you need any airtime over Christmas and New Year please take note of this so you don’t miss out.

Have a great break!

Account Manager Bid4Spots.co.uk

Due to Christmas and New Year copy and booking deadlines we’ve changed the dates of two of our auctions over Christmas and New Year period.

Xmas Tree
Airtime Deadline Auction Results
28th December 21st December 22nd December 22nd December
4th January 21st December 22nd December 22nd December

Clariness was recruiting females aged over 35 for a clinical study into migraines at their Manchester centre. The client had never used radio before, choosing to stick with National Press and Magazines. They decided on a small test budget, and in just two weeks were able to see that radio was well out-performing the other mediums on a cost-per-call basis.

Mike Wood from TCS Media explains the campaign, "Both myself and my client have been very impressed by the service and the value which has been offered from Bid4Spots.

The CPT's which we have been able to achieve have been well below those which we would expect from a standard campaign and the structure of the bidding system means that we are still able to maintain a large amount of control over spot timings and stations - meaning that we don't have to worry that the money will be spent on filling overnight spots on small stations.

The response which the client has received as a result of just one week's activity on 2 local stations has surpassed that which they have received from regional press and national magazines. As a result, radio is likely to play a much larger part in their 2010 schedules both in terms of area and spend."

Market Sector Retail
Investment £5700
Demographic ABC1 35-64
Location London
Timing 12/10/09 – 16/10/09
Total Spots 264
Total Stations 7
Spot Length 40 Seconds
Total Impacts 5,167,281

If you would like any further information, feel free to give us a call on the Bid4Spots hotline – 0207 907 0680 – or go to the website, www.bid4spots.co.uk, and log in for your own free account to have a play around.

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