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Hi everyone, welcome to the Bid4Spots newsletter.

Spring is well and truly on our doorstep and the trees are in full bloom again! You can almost taste summer and it feels like we may get a good one this year.

We’ve been very busy updating the systems with all of the Global Radio to Heart FM re-brands, showing new clients the tricks in setting up their auctions to get the best possible results, and testing out the ice-cream from the van in the park around the corner in anticipation of many a warm day ahead!

Looking ahead to summer campaigns, it’s the ideal time to be testing Bid4Spots out – check out the table below to see some of the amazing results we’ve been achieving. This client is a regular client of Bid4Spots, using the platform to utilise a wide variety of stations. In this instance they won on four stations, seeing their already reduced CPT bid down over 60% lower.

If you want to find out more, feel free to give us a call on the Bid4Spots hotline – 020 7907 0680 – or go to the website, www.bid4spots.co.uk and log in for your own free account to have a play around.

Account Manager Bid4Spots.co.uk

Market Sector Recruitment
Investment £2000.00
Demographic All Adults
Location London
Timing 30/03/09 – 3/04/09
Starting Target CPT £1.40p
Finishing Target CPT £0.54p
Total Spots 151
Total Impacts 3,758,584


"Radio has proven to be the perfect media to spread the madness of MadBid.com and Bid4Spots has provided the ideal channel to reach our target market with an extremely cost effective CPT."

Heba Zayed


Increasing an employee’s value within the workplace has never been more important in the face of recession, redundancies and rising unemployment rates. The focus has appropriately made a shift from pure recruitment, to re-training and increasing the skill levels of the UK workforce.

It is the ideal time for the Further Education sector to be thriving.

For organisations that need to stretch their current resources, encouraging training and increasing the skill levels of their staff can help to open new opportunities and retain current clients.

For those who have recently faced unemployment, training into a new field can be a way to get back into the workforce. For school leavers struggling to get acceptance to university and to find a job, colleges can provide an alternative avenue.


More attention has been put on Government initiatives such as Train to Gain which offers free training for businesses and organisations. Just last week, Alistair Darling allocated £260million in the new budget for training and subsidiaries for ‘out of work’ young people.

For educational organisations, the time is ripe to be targeting new students.

Radio has continually proven to be an effective tool for recruitment in the past with the use of a text response mechanic to a targeted audience being an effective way of generating quality leads. Bid4Spots enables the Further Education sector to capitalise on the success radio for recruitment at an ever better cost efficiency.

If you are interested in using Bid4Spots for the Further Education sector, please contact one of the Bid4Spots representatives.

Telephone: +44 (0)207 90-70-6-80
E-Mail: CustomerService@bid4spots.co.uk

Bid4Spots.co.uk is the trading name of Auction Media Limited.

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