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Welcome to the Bid4Spots April update!

I hope everyone enjoyed the Easter break – it was nice to have a few days off considering what a busy start to the year it has been!

We’ve been working on a huge variety of campaigns recently – from retail to automotive, medical to financial. In this newsletter we’ve selected a case study for one of our Christmas charity campaigns. Through Bid4Spots the client secured airtime on 44 stations across the UK for their fundraising campaign on the week leading up to Christmas.

We’ve also got a testimonial from one of our new automotive clients – UK Car Group – who are responsible for the ubiquitous WeBuyAnyCar.com ads.

Our ICT department has been busy working on our new website over the past couple of months – auctionmedia.co.uk. This site is a support site for our Bid4Spots auction site, and is choc full of case studies, testimonials and loads of other useful information. We’d love to hear what you think of it! If there’s anything you would like to see added please let us know.

Inventory levels on most stations have been quite full recently, but with Brown, Cameron and Clegg fighting it out for Number 10 next month, the COI won’t be buying up all the airtime as they have been doing in recent months. This should free up quite a bit of last-minute inventory that stations will look to sell through Bid4Spots. Set up an auction and grab what you can!

Bye for now!

Account Manager Bid4Spots.co.uk

Auction Criteria  
Market Sector Charity
Investment £25,500.00
Demographic All Adults
Location National
Timing 21/12/09 – 24/12/09
Auction Results  
Spot length 60 seconds
Total Spots 1002
Number of stations 44
Total Impacts 21,971,793
OTH 5.1


"I have been using Bid4Spots to supplement my airtime campaigns for WeBuyAnyCar and Carcraft since November 2009. It has been an effective way to get on multiple stations easily and efficiently, and I plan on continuing to use Bid4Spots as a part of my radio campaigns for the foreseeable future."

Julia Phipps, Group Marketing Director, UK Car Group

Pure Sensia

Digital radio is set to get a big advertising push over the summer, and there are lots of great commercial digital stations reaching audiences untouched on the analogue band. Despite the news of 6 Music and Asian Network closing down, in the commercial digital band several stations have been re-branding and growing proving that DAB is far from dead.

A brand that is big on supporting DAB is Absolute Radio. Absolute Radio has a handful of digital stations under their banner, including Absolute Classic Rock and Dabbl, and at the beginning of the year, launched Absolute 80s. This station is the only station in the UK specialising in 80s music, targeting reluctant adults who want to reconnect with the tunes of their youth.

Digital Radio

Another growing brand is Jazz FM – a music station with a high ABC1 profile. Jazz launched in late 2008 and following great success in their first year on-air the station has expanded their coverage. From next quarter’s RAJAR release, on the 13th May 2010, the station will also be able to be bought on a regional basis – allowing you to specifically book onto it in the North West, Midlands and London.

Like Jazz, NME Radio launched in the middle of the recession but has still seen consistent growth. Being part of the NME family, the radio station promotes new artists and has quite a young target audience. One of the best things about the station is the huge playlist! It’s one of the few stations you can listen to for days on end without getting sick of the same old songs!

One of the largest DAB stations in the country is Planet Rock, a rock station targeting an older audience with a male skew. Planet Rock is most well known for its breakfast presenter, legendary rock singer Alice Cooper.

To learn more about what DAB stations are available please contact your Bid4Spots representative.



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