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February Update

It's been a great couple of months for unsold airtime with over £470,000 going through Bid4Spots auctions and injected into UK radio!

A lot of our auctions have come from new Direct Response clients, using radio to drive listeners to their sites or text numbers. Traditionally this has been quite a difficult area to master on radio, but we have more information and tips on how to optimise your DR campaign below. Our Discounts at a Glance case study is from one of these recent campaigns.

We've also got information on the latest changes to the Broadcast Code in this newsletter. The changes mean advertisers are going to be able to get their brands more involved in radio programming and product placement in shows is now possible.

Thanks to Jazz FM we're giving you the chance to win tickets to one of their Saturday Jazz nights at the Kensington Roof Gardens.

With almost half a million listeners and a 67% ABC1 profile, Jazz FM is the UK's only Jazz, Soul and Blues radio station. Take a listen to it for yourself here

For your chance to win email us and tell us when the Ofcom changed the rules regarding product placement – read on in our newsletter to find the answer!

Discounts at a Glance

Auction Criteria  
Market Sector Charity
Investment £13,113.75
Demographic NA
Location London
Timing 13/12/2010 – 24/12/2010
Auction Results  
Spot length 40 seconds
Total Spots 339
Number of stations 4
Total Impacts 10,766,481
OTH 5.4
Broadcast Code Changes

As of December 2010 Ofcom has relaxed rules regarding product placement and brand endorsement on Radio and TV.

In a nutshell this means that advertisers can get much more involved with programming and even have presenters endorsing their product on air, subject to programming approval.

This gives brands a chance to be linked with the credibility of their favourite presenters as long as it is made transparent that it is a commercial message.

On TV they will be going one step further, having a logo popping up on-screen when any product placement occurs.

This also means advertisers will now be able to have proper ownership of their ad-funded programming, and brands will be able to be mentioned more in Sponsorship & Promotion activity.

For more information on this get in touch with the Bid4Spots team.








What's on the wireless?

Okay. Closet confession time. I love listening to Smooth London Plus on DAB first thing on a Monday morning. According to the latest RAJAR figures, the average age of a Smooth listener is 48. I realize I don't fit into the target demographic for Smooth, but how can I resist the back catalogue of UB40, Smokey Robinson or the Temptations?

I know it puts me about 20 years behind my time, but it just feels like the nicest way to ease into the day… and the working week.

If I had to justify myself, I would say it's kind of like opting for a Chamomile tea instead of a Double Espresso before heading out the door and into the concrete jungle. How can you go wrong with "Cupid" by Sam Cooke first thing on a Monday? Aw… such a pretty little ditty.

Naomi Reid

Radio for Direct Response

Direct Response and radio haven't always gone hand-in-hand - largely because the influence of radio is so difficult to measure and rate card costs may not stack up against other media.

With the combination of both lower rates, and daypart selection, clients on Bid4Spots have been able to make Radio for Direct Response a much more feasible option.

Because you can pick and choose dayparts on Bid4Spots we can increase campaign efficiency. We will take a specific target audience and then use RAJAR audience research to see which dayparts are best for targeting these. These are the dayparts we will select to have the highest coverage for the campaign.

Radio is a frequency medium – meaning people need to hear an advert several times and become familiar with it before they respond. For our DR campaigns we set very high frequency requirements to really drum the message into listeners and drive their response.

As a new client to radio it is important to give listeners time to get used to your product and trust it, so a minimum test period of 4-6 weeks is recommended for all new brands.

Using response mechanics suitable to the advertising message and target audience are also important – web response and text response make it easy for people to respond and are much more measurable.

For more information or case studies get in touch with us

Insider Tip

When setting up an auction on Bid4Spots, you choose what day parts you would like your commercial to be broadcast in.

The options are:
Breakfast (6am-10am)
Mid Morning (10am-1pm)
Afternoon (1pm-4pm)
PM Drive (4pm-7pm)
Evening (7pm-12midnight)
Overnight (12midnight–6am)

Fairly simple, we know. But what you might not realise is, if you want to up weight certain day parts, or have commercials running exclusively in specific day parts, you will usually pay a premium of about 30% on a scheduled booking. Ouch!

Not the case on Bid4Spots. Here, you choose the maximum Cost per Thousand, whether that be for Breakfast only, Drive only or All Dayparts. This means Bid4Spots is a great way of testing whether certain dayparts receive better response, without incurring a premium.

If you've got any queries on this tip – email us!

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