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Welcome to the Bid4Spots June update!

It's been a busy few months yet again for Bid4Spots with over 400K being injected into the radio industry from the sale of last minute inventory over April and May.

The new RAJAR (radio audience figures) were released a couple of weeks ago, showing really positive growth for commercial radio. Commercial radio now reaches 32.2 million people across the UK, out of radio's total reach of 46.5 million. The results also showed a few station changes across the quarter resulting in a handful of new stations being added onto the Bid4Spots site. We look at this a bit further in this month's newsletter.

We've also hooked up with Maple Street Studios with an exclusive deal for Bid4Spots customers. Maple Street have worked on campaigns with the likes of Bacardi, Mango and Landrover, and are offering reduced cost radio production and licensing for anyone trying Bid4Spots for the first time.

Our discounts case study this month is for a client who had booked some traditional airtime but found the cost of entry in the London market a barrier to booking airtime in this region. Bid4Spots enabled them to achieve airtime at a much lower investment and got a great result.

There are lots of other testimonials and case studies on our website – auctionmedia.co.uk. Or else please give us a call for more info.


Account Manager Bid4Spots.co.uk

Auction Criteria  
Market Sector Retail
Investment £8974.74
Demographic Males CDE 40+
Location London
Timing 15/02/10 – 7/03/10
Auction Results  
Spot length 30 seconds
Total Spots 263
Number of stations 2
Total Impacts 12,645,000
OTH 8.7


Absolute 80s is a brand new proposition on Bid4Spots after reporting an impressive quarter of a million listeners in their first ever RAJAR survey. The station targets what Absolute term as 'reluctant adults'. In short, anyone who was in their prime in the 80s who wants to re-live those 80s classics.

The station has been so successful that it's been announced that Absolute 80s will be going National from the next RAJAR. Absolute 90s is being launched next Monday 21st June on the back of its success.

Digital station, Jazz FM, has begun reporting on a London, Midlands, North West and National basis from the latest RAJAR. This means regional clients will now be able to include Jazz FM in their auctions without any wastage.

For any further detailed information on RAJAR please contact us.

Pure Sensia

To make our service even more cost effective Bid4Spots offers an exclusive deal with an award-winning radio creative agency, Maple Street Studios.

The success of a campaign often hinges on the quality of the commercial, so we’ve found a way to offer you effective, creative radio production at a cut price rate, available only to our customers.

Maple Street Studios is led by the former Creative Director of Capital Radio, Classic FM and what is now The Heart Network. Getting them to create script ideas for your campaign is totally FREE - you only pay if you decide to get the scripts produced and played on-air! Bid4Spots has agreed a one-off creative cost followed by re-licensing costs as low as one quarter of normal rate card.  

Interested? Speak to us and we'll quickly put you in touch with the right person.



Pure SensiaThe summer recruitment drive is about to reach full swing as universities hit clearing in just over a months time. With recruitment campaigns starting as soon as A level results are released Bid4Spots is the best way to reach as many remaining students as possible really cost-efficiently.

You can plan your airtime up until the Wednesday of the week prior to the campaign starting, and can include all stations hitting your target demographic most efficiently in the auction. This will enable you to get airtime across multiple stations, hitting young people searching for universities across a whole region, or even the whole country.


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