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Welcome to the Bid4Spots October update, with over £260k in unsold airtime going through the auctions in the past two months.

There have been a lot of developments in the world of radio since our last newsletter! National station networking seems to be in vogue, and online radio listening is flying with a new initiative – see more in our news in brief below.

We're also looking into a study about how radio advertising boosts browsing online and makes your name stick out from the thousands of others on Google. Check out the RAB Online Multiplier Study below – some brands showed an increase of over 100%!

Christmas is just around the corner, and with the COI cutting their spend this year there is a bit more availability around - if you need a last-minute push in November, December or the New Year give us a call and we can help you out.

Until next time!


Account Manager Bid4Spots.co.uk


ARMBid4Spots has provided All Response Media with the tools to maximise the insights of our audience, mapping and analytics at the lowest possible cost within an environment where our clients ROI dynamics change almost daily.

Our ability to measure at macro and micro levels and across media platforms allow us to engage with B4S much more strategically too.

All Response Media  

Auction Criteria  
Market Sector Insurance
Investment £10,500.00
Demographic All Adults
Location North East and North West
Timing 27/09/2010 – 10/10/2010
Auction Results  
Spot length 40 seconds
Total Spots 535
Number of stations 5
Total Impacts 9,415,000
OTH 9.5


For many brands in the digital age, the internet has become an incredibly important interface for customer marketing. However, the internet also allows access to all your rivals' brands, so the key challenge is to ensure that customers seek out your brand specifically, and not just your generic sector.

The Online Multiplier is a unique new single-source study that was set up to quantify how exposure to radio advertising influences brand browsing behaviour online. This insight was gained by analysing the detailed internet browsing patterns of people who were exposed to a random sample of 23 'live' radio campaigns, and comparing them to a sample of people who were not exposed. The campaigns measured in the study represent five different product categories: Travel; Telecomms; Motors; Insurance; High Street Stores.

The study found that on average exposure to radio advertising increased brand browsing by 52%. This percentage is even higher for brands which are 'web-centric' i.e. travel and insurance, and for those campaigns with particularly engaging and strong creative treatments.

The study also found that radio had an immediate effect on people's behaviour, with 58% of browsing stimulated by the radio activity occurring within 24 hours of exposure. The best performing ads were those with a clear instruction driving people online to straightforward and self-evident brand addresses (avoiding 'forward slashes' or one off message related URLs).

For more information on how the study was undertaken and its findings click here.

Smooth Radio

Smooth Radio, formerly available as seven separate regional stations, became a National station on October 4th. This makes Smooth the second largest commercial station in the UK (behind Classic FM). Smooth Radio is still available for advertisers to buy across separate regions on an airtime basis.

NMENME Radio is back in action after being sold from DX Media to Town and Country Broadcasting several months ago. They are based in South Wales, but broadcast Nationally on DAB and target a young male audience.

My Baby Radio

MyBabyRadio is a new station on Bid4Spots, targeting young families. The station is available on DAB and online.


The online UK Radio Player will commence a phased roll-out in December, with a full launch due in February 2010. The Radio Player is an online hub where listeners will be able to listen to all major radio stations in the UK in one convenient place. As an industry-wide initiative Radio Player will offer both BBC and Commercial Radio stations.


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